Partnered with California women in custody to aid American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief.


Giving to emergency relief groups following natural disasters is becoming increasingly normal. Whether taking the, “Go Fund Me” approach, or donating directly to one’s local church, club or favorite nonprofit, it’s what often makes us feel normal.

Becoming normal, whatever that may be, is what many in recovery strive for on a daily basis. Even those serving long-term prison sentences, doing the hard work of recovery while incarcerated strive daily to become normal. After all, side-stepping normalcy is perhaps the primary reason for their incarceration.

A California women’s prison re-entry program, like other prison facilities across the country have proven that normalcy can be achieved.   The program facility’s drug and alcohol treatment, local employment and/or community college attendance elevates their daily routine to that of others in the community at large.

During the prison program’s routine morning meeting, Kellie, completing a 15 year term, announced that J.J. Watts, of the Houston Texans raised millions of dollars in $15 and $20 increments for victims of Hurricane Harvey and, “We should take up donations and do the same!”. Kellie, who manages a local restaurant catering to county courthouse and local law enforcement personnel took the lead promoting the initiative among the female offenders to give from what little they had. Fender Wells offered to double the women’s program donation and the local American Red Cross offered to double any donations received during the same period. Not everyone expressed it, but in the end, Kellie said, “Managing school, work, my recovery and giving back is proof that I am normal again”.

Houston Strong



Privileged to help Ridge to Reefs get water purification to the people of Puerto Rico.


Unlike the many effective clean water initiatives involved in drilling wells, moving earth to build water catchment systems and infrastructure, Fender Wells attempts to direct giving to those initiatives already on location where water relief is urgent.

Puerto Rico’s relief efforts following Hurricane Maria have been stifled for several reasons, and the list is long. 3.5 million were left without electricity and potable water. One of the many obstacles to relief efforts was the lack of workers available to unload and transport the many supplies in containers already at port.

Simply put, everyone, including the port workers and truck drivers experienced massive destruction not only to their homes, but transportation routes as well. Puerto Rican families were on day-to-day survival mode.  World-wide disaster relief organizations were all faced with the same dilemma, – no way to access supplies from port.

Fender Wells found Ridge To Reefs, an environmental group working in Puerto Rico long before Hurricane Maria. This organization was already providing direct support and coordination with colleagues on the ground providing water purification systems at both the homeowner scale and 2500 gallons treatment systems per day where needed most.   To meet the urgent need in Puerto Rico, Fender Wells partnered with Ridge To Reefs to provide much needed water relief.


Global Belief Project – The Fix-It Initiative


For some time nonprofits, churches and community groups have installed hand pump wells in Uganda and across the African continent. Providing this water source relieves communities from collecting water at rivers, streams or sources which are distant and contaminated, exposing people to harmful, often deadly diseases. Unfortunately, many of these wells are now broken, abandoned and inoperable due to neglect and irregular maintenance, forcing people to return to limited and unsafe water collection. It has been reported that over half of all wells installed in Africa are in need of repair.

Jake and Taylor Radovich of the faith-based Global Belief Project have made well restoration their primary focus. Global Belief Project’s, ‘A Well-a-Week’ initiative in Uganda is restoring clean water to approximately 500-2000 individuals weekly and trains locals on well maintenance and repair.

A few years ago, Jake and Taylor, driven by their passion to make a difference made the decision to relocate their young family from their home in California to Uganda. The Fender Wells family was privileged to be a part of their farewell and continue to be proud supporters of the Global Belief Project because they uniquely offer both immediate and long-term earthly and spiritual solutions to those in need.

“Global Belief Project is determined to transform the broken and deserted wells into the vital and abundant fountains of life they once were…

Reviving the hope, health and happiness to even the most rural and desolate of villages.”




Water Mission provided more than 250,000 with safe water globally. This is one of the reasons we give to Water Mission, they get clean water where needed most.