Happy New Year from Fender Wells!

Welcome to 2019!

Say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in the new year! We are excited at Fender Wells for what the new year has in store. Another year of cars, motorcycles and clean water!

2018 Recap

Last year we met a lot of new friends traveling car shows throughout the region.

We also not only accept car and motorcycle parts, but have expanded into accepting car donations! We can pickup a clean title vehicle within 48 hours anywhere nationwide!

We saw several natural disasters throughout the country, and acted fast providing funds to several agencies on site such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

Globally, we partnered with Water.org who has helped millions of people around the world get access to safe water in their homes with the help of small, affordable loans and with WaterStep, by purchasing battery powered chlorinators that makes water safe to drink for those who lack access to a clean water source.

Look to the future

We are hopeful that this year will be an even bigger year of giving and are excited you are along for the ride with us. Thank you to all our donors! With your generosity we will continue to bring our vision to life: To provide immediate disaster relief where clean water is desperately needed by engaging generous car/motorcycle enthusiasts and others to join us.

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