How does a car save lives?

Your car turns into water!

By donating your old vehicle or spare parts in the garage, Fender Wells works to sell the car and parts. Our sales go directly to disaster relief areas, finding who is on the ground to provide access to clean drinking water. Our recent donation of $1,600.00 purchased two WaterStep M100 Chlorine Generators.

What is a chlorine generator?

Chlorine generators purify water into clean drinkable water for consumption. They are often used in developing countries and disaster areas to save lives by providing access to clean water.

These generators can be the matter of life or death in an area that has no active source of clean water.

The WaterStep M100

Using a 12-volt car battery and salt, the WaterStep M-100 Chlorine Generator simply and safely produces chlorine gas that is injected into the water to kill waterborne pathogens. Small, portable, and easy to operate they can purify up to 10,000 gallons of water!

Your latest donation efforts have helped us purchase two of these amazing devices!!!

You make all the difference!

Thank you for all your contributions. Your donations are saving lives.

If you have a spare car or car parts in your garage, make a difference!

Please help spread the word and like us and share our page!

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